Work as a steel fixer in Poland

Дата публікації: Липень 20, 2019
Дата зміни: Липень 20, 2019
  • Місце розташування: Białystok, lubelskie, Poland
For the construction of a production plant requires experienced fitterBinding rebar occurs scurvy.ZAR.fee 17-18 PLN per hour There is a possibility of advances after the week worked----------CHARACTERISTICS OF A PROFESSION A concrete mixer is a person who performs concrete or reinforced concrete elements for load-bearing structures of buildings or building fillers, and also creates reinforced concrete elements of roads, bridges, reclamation structures and much more. This worker works with two types of materials: concrete and steel. The main duties of persons should be, including: preparation and Assembly of reinforcement, preparation, laying of concrete mix, selection of the appropriate type of steel rods of a certain diameter and cut them to the desired size and bend in the desired shape, at the construction site lays the reinforcement in formwork and shapes in accordance with the design of the structure. In addition, the reinforcement arranged in the forms of the worker fills with concrete and controls the process of "maturation" of concrete, extraction from the forms of asphalt and moisten them with water. REQUIREMENT Concrete worker must have a professional education in the construction profile. Requires good health and good physical shape - it is necessary to have a medical examination that check vision, hearing, hearing coordination and sense of balance. The employee must also have the knowledge to read drawings, designs, effectively use equipment and tools, as well as to understand the types and quality of materials used for the manufacture of reinforcement and concrete. In addition, the concrete Mixer must be patient, insightful, accurate and have spatial imagination and manual abilities. Contraindications to this profession are: imbalance, epilepsy, skin diseases, allergies, large visual defects, diseases that limit mobility, diseases of the respiratory and cardiovascular system. OPERATION CONDITION It's physical work. The employee works both in groups and individually. Working hours are normal. 8 hours a day. Concrete workers often work outside the permanent place of residence, employers organize their housing next to the workplace. Different working conditions of this employee, for example: in manufacturing plants, perform work in workshops, in closed, heated, on construction sites, road bridges, reclamation (work in ditches and mud), in buildings-work, often at high altitude or underground, in trenches, for example, in the reinforcement of the subway. Work is accompanied by: polluted air dust cement, noise, vibration, injury limbs. EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY This employee can be hired, for example: in the field factory of small concrete and reinforced concrete building elements (for example, hollow blocks, beams, blocks), on all construction sites, i.e. on road and bridge, reclamation facilities, buildings, and can also open his own economic activity, performing services in his specialty. EARNINGS The salary of the concrete mixer is formed n

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